Demon screen grab

Korkon’s 30 foot demonic guardian in a shot from the 2 minute trailer coming soon.

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Two Sorcerers, a Decade Apart

Two Sorcerers, a Decade Apart

In 1998 a miniature sculpture version of Zaavan the magician, a villainous character from the Amazing Voyage of Azzam, was constructed. In 2014 a digitally realized cinematic version of the character was made (both based on Conrad Veidt’s Jafar, from the Thief of Baghdad).

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The Amazing Voyage of Azzam Book Trailer

Official 30 second ad for the Amazing Voyage of Azzam. A lot of work.

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Korkon and the Demon teaser trailer

First promo for Korkon and the Demon. 2 minute version coming soon.

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Korkon book trailer coming soon

Image Working around the clock on it. Will be interesting.

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Korkon and the Demon

The book I mentioned in my last post from months ago is now out in paperback and electronic versions. Korkon and the Demon. Six sword and sorcery stories concerning a wandering barbarian warrior cursed with a demonic protector. My marketing is non-existent at this point but I will have some interesting advertising material on the way. Hopefully I’ll get more talkative as those things are completed.

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Upcoming works

I have been sitting on material for at least one more book which I am working to get ready in the coming year. I may also do a book trailer for Azzam in addition to this new one which is a sword and sorcery collection of short stories based around a character with a demonic curse.

Before that can happen I need to go over the first five S and S stories which I started writing in the early 2000s and finish the last story, which is also the longest. The earlier ones range between¬† 8000–12000 on average.¬† The last will be 20 000 words at least.

I may also complete at least one horror story anthology. I am very fond of ironic stories, and while they may seem like a well-worn genre, it is actually quite a challenge to develop an idea where the ending has to resonate in such a fashion that you could tell it to someone in three sentences and they find it amusing. It requires a mathematical kind of inquiry into the mechanics of what the story point is, what the possible avenues for concluding it are, and whether or not they appear to have been done before. I think there’s a logic to it which can be observed in the best stories that people remember.

I’d like to publish them around a theme if I can, so choosing which ones would go together is a process in itself. And that’s when I find the time in addition to the other things currently flying about in the air.

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